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Grow Your Sales with Effective Google Advertising

Reap the rewards of your Google Ad spend with our high-performance campaigns that build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and deliver the results you desire – every time.

Google Ads Agency Canada

Grow Your Sales with Effective Google Advertising

Reap the rewards of your Google Ad spend with our high-performance campaigns that build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and deliver the results you desire – every time.

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Google Ads Agency Canada

Forget Clicks. We Deliver Leads.

Thousands of visits to your website may sound impressive, but it’s little more than a vanity project unless many of them become customers.

You want real results.

At Growth Turbine, our experienced Google Ads experts use years of experience and advanced strategies to develop data-driven, results-focused campaigns that generate solid leads time and again.

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Google Ads Agency Canada

Our Process. Your Results.

At Growth Turbine, we are an extension of your team. We collaborate with you to understand your business, your customers, and your USP, before developing an effective Google Ads campaign that propels your brand to the top of searches.

Your growth is driven through strong campaigns, where we:

  • Use in-depth keyword research

  • Formulate strategies specific to your business

  • Expertly manage budgets and spends

  • Analyze and remain ahead of competitors

  • Create ad copy that delivers results

  • Constantly track, analyze, and optimize your campaign

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Google Ads Agency Canada

Benefit From Our Google Partnership.

Growth Turbine is an official Google Partner. This means we have been recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients.

Like every company that collaborates with us, you can benefit from our partnership with Google.

Our Google partnership means we are always informed on the ever-changing Google landscape and are regularly evaluated by Google. If Google makes changes, we are the first to know.

Google also demands excellent service that meets Google standards. Just read our testimonials and you will know we hit the mark in this department.

As a Google Partner, we also have access to the latest updates to the Google Ads system and beta features that can be integrated into your campaign. This partnership, along with our unique expertise and experience, ensures that Growth Turbine always brings you the best results.

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Expert Google Marketing Agency

Why Use Google Ads?

We have all used Google and we have all seen Google Ads. But what does the data say? Are they worth your time, energy, and money?

Take a look for yourself.

Firstly, you cannot underestimate the power of Google. Google processes around5 billion searches every day, amounting to a staggering 63,000 searches every second. Incredibly, 90% of desktop searches are conducted on Google.

With such a massive userbase, Google Ads proves an effective way of advertising goods, services, and causes. In fact, 90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions, while 75% of users say paid search ads make it easier to find information.

The results speak for themselves.

The average conversion rate for Google Ads is 75%, delivering an 8:1 return on investment (ROI), which translated to an $8 return for every $1 spent.

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Why Choose Us?

We care

Our team takes pride in going an extra-mile for our clients, and we treat your project as if it's our own.

Full-service agency

Having expertise in advertising, copywriting, Public relations (PR), email marketing, and crowdfunding allows us to deliver exceptional results.

We collaborate

We work in close collaboration with your team to deliver exceptional results in a time-efficient manner.

We deliver

We don't believe in boring strategy write-ups. We deliver visual results right from the get-go.

What our clients say


"The Growth Turbine team displayed excellent synergy with our staff, seemingly operating as in-house team members. They offered thoughtful cost saving solutions to meet our goals and delivered on our timelines with a sense of urgency."
Lee Moore
Director of Sales & Marketing, Progress Luv2Pak


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts but we request a minimum 3 months commitment. We need at least 45 days and at least $5,000 in ad spend. That will give us enough time to make changes and test multiple aspects for creating profitable ads.

Why should I hire an agency for Facebook ads?

You should hire an because it’s comprised of experts—experts in ad creatives, experts in digital marketing strategies, experts in Facebook ads. Hiring an expert team means your ROIs will soar, your ad targeting will strengthen, and your creatives will be better. You should especially hire an agency if you have no time and no knowledge in managing Facebook ads and analyzing its data.

What is the typical process with GrowthTurbine once we get started?

Once you signed the agreement form and submitted your application, your account manager will contact you via email. You will hear from your account manager within one business day. Afterward, your account manager will set up your account, do a  Pixel audit, ask for your list of customers, and set up your campaign.

Why should I work with Growth Turbine over it's competitors?

Unlike other Facebook advertising agencies, Growth Turbine doesn’t charge a set-up fee, and we offer simple month-to-month contracts, advanced technology, and expertise.


1. We’ll ask key questions

We are hyper-efficient at understanding your core needs.

2. We’ll draft a proposal

We can harness the expertise of our team and draft a proposal.

3. We’ll present the plan

We will show you how to turn ideas into scalable actions.

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