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Top Crowdfunding Marketing Agency For Kickstarter & Indiegogo

We turn your idea into a 6-or-7-Figure business using our AI-Driven crowdfunding and growth hacking strategies.

Drive growth through our proven online crowdfunding strategies. From lead generation to conversion, we identiyfy and attract target customers and create irresistible marketing strategies that sell. Note: All prices are in USD.

Pay for Performance. Vested interests means we go Above-and-Beyond.


Live Campaigns Only

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$ 3,997

+10% of sales
+8% of sales

Targeted social media ads management to our database of ex-backers and super-backers and lookalike audiences

Ongoing ads optimization to improve conversions

Influencer outreach on Instagram only

Personal e-mail to our media contacts for press coverage

*- not included in Pricing

Best Value


Pre-Launch + Live Campaign!

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$ 9,997

+10% of sales
+8% of sales

Landing page creation including professional copywriting by crowdfunding experts

Setup and management of all analytical tools, as required

Audience Research and segmentation

Social media ads setup and management for up to 30 days pre-launch marketing

Conversion rate optimization

Targeted ads to our internal database and lookalike audiences

Crowdfunding campaign page creation including professional copywriting by experts

Creation of creatives, infographics, GIF's from client supplied media

30 days live campaign marketing setup and management including social media marketing, search and display ads, and more

Weekly reports and strategic meetings

*- not included in Pricing

Best Value



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+10% of sales
+8% of sales

Data-Driven campaign strategy and content strategy

Landing page creation including professional copywriting by crowdfunding experts

Setup and management of all analytical tools, as required

30-45 days of Social media ads setup and management for pre-launch marketing including targeted ads to our internal database and lookalike audiences of previous backers and super-backers

Conversion rate optimization

Campaign page creation including professional copywriting and the creation of infographics, GIF's and video clips from client supplied media

Social media marketing, chatbot and messenger marketing, display ads, video ads, and/or other advertising setup and management as required by the campaign

E-mail automation setup and management for lead nurturing and conversion optimization

Press release copywriting (400-500 words) and distribution to over 50 media publications and news agencies

Referral campaign setup and management to utilize word-of-mouth marketing

Niche Influencer outreach including Instagram, TikTok, and/or Youtube

Media outreach to bloggers, news agencies, vloggers, and other publications

30-45 days live campaign ads setup and management including social media marketing, search and display ads, chatbot marketing, TikTok ads, and more, as required by the campaign.

Weekly reports and strategic meetings

Access to Slack channel for quick responses and efficient communication

Campaign video (script + recording + voiceover)*

Professional Photoshoot*

*- not included in Pricing

Best Value


Looking to Raise $1 Million+?

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+10% of sales
+8% of sales

Benefit from full-campaign management where we manage everything for your campaign, from start to finish. Everything in our VIP+ Package, plus:

Product Shoot

Video Shoot including edits

Data-driven campaign strategy and market validation test

Full Social Media Management

Regular comments and updates on your campaign

Reddit, Quora, and other Microblogs marketing

And a lot more...

*- not included in Pricing

Best Value

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Our Approach

Discovery and Strategy

When you work with Growth Turbine, you become a part of our crowdfunding team. We take the time to work with you through a series of meetings, asset consultations and strategy sessions to fully understand your business goals and how best to market your startup to backers.

If you are in need of videography and photography consultation, whether you need feedback on your current assets or you need us to create your assets, we are able to assist in that as well.

Copywriting that sells

Good copywriting makes the difference between building bridges and burning them.

Between difference and indifference. Between making people wonder why and letting them wander away. If your content is talking when you want it to sing, you’re in the right place.

We’ll help you find the right words to tell your story. And make sure it has a happy ending.

Pre-launch Preparation

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Graham Bell

Preparation may seem dull and time-consuming when all you really want to do is dive into your project and see it succeed. Especially when the deadlines are tight.

But an ounce of prevention can mitigate a pound of intervention. We ensure that we invest time at the beginning of the project getting organised and mapping out a plan so we can save a ton of wasted time later in re-doing work.


Email Marketing is just one of the many ways we help maintain the conversation between you and your backers.

Whether we’re sending out updates or keeping backers in the loop on the success of your campaign, we utilize proven email marketing strategies to keep your subscribers informed and excited about your startup.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads are one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach your current and potential backers, and when it comes to the success of your crowdfunding campaign, there’s no time to waste.

Our Facebook Ads team has the tools to drive the right traffic with the greatest potential to result in new backers.


When it comes to public relations, reputations matter. That’s why our public relations team works diligently to maintain quality relationships with journalists.

Through our highly-targeted media lists and public relations strategies, our team makes sure your startup gets the exposure it deserves.

What we do

Conversion optimised funnels

Optimised for sales and conversions.

Designed with You, Your product and Your Brand in mind.

Conversion-optimised using AI for highest conversion rates.

Pre-launch Hype build-up

Build up the hype before you go live.

Get your influencers and brand ambassadors ready.

Build up your community and get your tribe-leaders ready.

PR & Media Outreach

Bloggers/Vloggers - Check

Media Publications - Check

Influencers - Check
We find the ideal partner for your product/service and reach out to them so you can get as much relevant exposure as possible.

Crowdfunding Marketing

Social media ads, display ads, retargeting ads, blog posts and reviews, shootouts, lookalike & custom audiences and More.

We leave no stone unturned to get you out there in front of millions.

Why Choose Us?

We care

Our team takes pride in going an extra-mile for our clients, and we treat your project as if it's our own.

Full-service agency

Having expertise in advertising, copywriting, Public relations (PR), email marketing, and crowdfunding allows us to deliver exceptional results.

We collaborate

We work in close collaboration with your team to deliver exceptional results in a time-efficient manner.

We deliver

We don't believe in boring strategy write-ups. We deliver visual results right from the get-go.

What our clients say


"Growth Turbine is by far, the best agency that Wefunder has partnered with. Varun and his team have a very nuanced understanding of how to strategise, communicate and position campaigns for success. I’ve seen firsthand the strong impact Growth Turbine has had on numerous Wefunder raises. They are a subject matter expert in equity crowdfunding, and they engage with entrepreneurs with brutal honesty and extreme professionalism."
Ryan Pierce
Senior Account Manager - Wefunder


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer turn-key campaign management or do you help only with the ads?

Both. Gold package is suitable for live campaign only where we mainly do paid ads. Platinum and VIP+ are where we manage pretty much everything related to your campaign.

Do you work with anyone?

No. We believe in quality over quantity and therefore we only work on a selected few campaigns a year. Please contact us so we can evaluate your project to see if we are a good fit, or not.

Do you offer custom pricing?

Yes, in some cases (i.e. if we really love your project) we are able to create custom pricing. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How long does the whole process take?

A typical campaign takes anywhere from 6-14 weeks from start to finish. It may take longer depending on your project specifications.


1. We’ll ask key questions

We are hyper-efficient at understanding your core needs.

2. We’ll draft a proposal

We can harness the expertise of our team and draft a proposal.

3. We’ll present the plan

We will show you how to turn ideas into scalable actions.

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