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Invest in vetted Canadian Startups, Small Businesses, & Real Estate opportunities starting at $100 CAD.

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Equivesto provides a common meeting ground for private companies looking to raise capital and Investors who believe in their potential.

Investors have access to curated lists of active deals that they can review and invest in, hassle-free and with no-pressure. Starting with as little as $100 CAD, investors can make venture investments and steer their capital towards supporting businesses they believe in.

Companies can choose how to structure their offering, with control over the number of investors, which investors have access, minimum investment amount, share type, and much more.

Both investors and companies benefit from Equivesto's high quality risk protection which includes detailed vetting of every company, officer, director, and investor on our crowdfunding site. Additionally, Equivesto is a fully registered Exempt Market Dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission and complies with all investor protection laws and regulations.