10 Useful Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Project Successful in 2021

November 11, 2020

Image credit: Lovefreund

10 Useful Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Project Successful in 2021

No matter how cool your project looks, being successful on a crowdfunding platform is a lot more than that. From nailing the crowdfunding video to writing a realistic pitch, there are loads of things that can easily make or break a campaign presentation. So, we decided to share some useful tips and tricks you can use to make your crowdfunding campaign stand out. 

Thousands of crowdfunding projects go live every year. Yet, only a handful of them become big names like the Oculus Rift and BAUBAX Travel Jacket. They must have done something out of the box to reach the peak of success.

But, what is it?

Perhaps it’s the video or the product features or the reward plans but, regardless, it’s difficult to gauge exactly what brought them success. With one being a VR headset for the futuristic techies and the other being a travel jacket with fifteen add-on features you can wear all seasons, both creators chose out of the box products and made sure to promote add-on features to make their mark. You should do that, too! But you need to be careful and not overdo it along the way.

Here are ten secret tips to crowdfunding success you can use to give your crowdfunding project the attention it deserves.

1. Get Your Ambassadors!

Before you launch your campaign, you need to make sure you have your brand ambassadors. Now, who could these people be? It could be potential backers, family members, friends with good social media followers or anyone in your circle who considers your project worthwhile for the common masses.

These are the people who will promote your project and get the initial attention it needs.

Create a Facebook group (because practically everyone is on Facebook now!) and discuss your pre-launch marketing plans with your ambassadors every day. 

2. Create Suspense and Thrill

People love suspense. Maybe that’s why we’ve loved Sherlock Holmes and James Bond for years. So, why spoil the suspense by leaking your launch date? Chuck that idea and do a suspense launch instead. Go for a giveaway or prepare a pre-launch discount plan for your early backers and gather them on your project’s Twitter profile. Then, just keep the excitement running with suspense promotions (talk about features, show glimpses of your product) time and again. On the day of your launch, simply go for an impromptu announcement to get their attention.

3. Use Trustworthy Marketing Services

Marketing is essential for your crowdfunding campaign but you can’t stick to the platform and your own profile anymore. Hire a professional crowdfunding marketing agency to get your campaign off to a get start and keep the traffic going.

4. SnapChat and Instagram TV For Extra Attention

Apart from the social media platforms you’re accustomed to using for promotion, you can try new channels such as SnapChat and Instagram TV for grabbing attention. Talk about your project, show glimpses from the workshop, and try to make your campaign promotion more human-like with a personal touch. People love to see all the action that goes behind the making of your product.

5. Don’t Beg For Money!

When someone backs your project, they are actually putting their money on an idea that has not taken shape yet so you need to make sure that you ask for that money in a unique way. Don’t make your promotions sound like as if you’re begging for money. Instead, make people realize why they should back your project and get that product. They should believe that they need your product in their everyday life and that’s where the challenge lies. The tone and style of how you present your project is of utmost importance.

6. No Bad Photos. Period.

With today’s reliance on visuals, bad photography and few product photos just won’t cut it for your crowdfunding project. Photos and videos are the only way you can show your product features to your backers. Either get hold of a good product photography service or use your own camera to take more lifestyle shots than the generic product photos to showcase. Make your potential backers understand how and where they can use your product with the photos.

7. Do a Video That Speaks and Not Just Shows.

I have come across dozens of crowdfunding videos that try to showcase the product and then end up with a note from the founder on backing them. To tell you the truth, I find it boring. I am so used to it that I don’t feel the urge to go and back for the product at all. I feel that’s the same for most backers out there. You need to make your video interactive and more personal yet descriptive at the same time. It must show your product but you also need to be more active, too. That minute or two is your first and only chance to grab attention from the viewer and turn those people into your future brand ambassadors.

8. Don’t Make Your Pitches Sound…Boring!

Since I am into marketing for crowdfunding projects, I come across tons of emails and social media requests from people who want to share their project or would like a review. But why should I do it if I don’t find your approach unique? Why should I care if you don’t care about your project standing out from the lot? With this in mind, my suggestion is to make those pitches extraordinary. Speak up and make your voice reach out to the influencer. They should feel your passion to the fullest. If that means writing 1000 customised emails and tweets, do it.


9. Be Strict With Product Delivery Dates

One of the most troublesome areas crowdfunding campaign creators face is product delivery. If you are not able to keep up with the deadlines it’s not the end of the world but it’s also not the time to stop responding to emails and queries. One disappointed backer is enough to spoil your whole business. So, make sure you set up deadlines after proper analysis. Backers can wait for a year if you’ve asked them to but they will not stay quiet if your deadline says one month and stretches for a year instead.

10. Don’t Hesitate to Thank!

One “thank you” is enough to last a lifetime and your backers deserve it. Make sure you say your “thank you” in a special way to impress them to turn them into your future brand ambassadors. They will refer your product to the people they know and that’s how your business will grow in the long run. Being thankful in words WORKS!

What else do you think matters for your crowdfunding campaign promotion? Let us know!