10 Mac Apps to increase Productivity & Performance in 2021

July 24, 2020

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10 Mac Apps to increase Productivity & Performance in 2021

Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, we all want to maximise our productivity. If you’re a Mac user and looking for apps that help you keep track of time and get those important jobs done quickly, here’s our list of the best to download at the moment: 

1. OmniFocus

This is a contextual organiser so you can keep your work and play separate while still staying on top of everything. If you’re used to juggling a number of different balls all at once, this app allows you to get a range of perspectives and all the jobs you’re engaged with. Synching across all your devices, you’ll know exactly where you are, wherever you are. Find out more about OmniFocus for Mac.

2. Dropbox

It’s a staple for anyone who wants to organise their projects and collaborate with colleagues and associates around the world, in the office or at home. Simple to use and set up, there aren’t many better file storage and collaboration tools on the market today. Discover more about Dropbox.

3. 1Password

With all the different accounts and platforms we have nowadays, remembering those passwords while staying secure is a real challenge. If you spend more time trying to find your login details than doing your work, this is the perfect password management app for your needs. Find out more about 1Password.

4. Launchbar

The developer classes it as the future of productivity and, if you want an all in one app that really fits like a glove, this is well worth a try. From the file manager to time saving keyboard cuts, there’s a lot to like about Launchbar if you take time to explore all the possibilities. Find out more here.


5. Hazel

Ever had a problem organising your files and never can find what you want? Hazel is a file management system that works by your rules. You tell it what to do and what to organise which means you should never loose an important document again. Discover more about Hazel.

6. Agenda

With all the technology we have nowadays, we still seem to be taking more notes than ever. Agenda is a sleek, easy to use, date-focused, note taking app that keeps everything on track. If you’re running a big, complex project these organisational tools designed to keep you on top of everything may well be just what you’re looking for. Download Agenda for Mac

7. Trello

This is the primary project management app that many businesses use nowadays and it’s no surprise. Keep track of jobs on the go, leave comments and share data seamlessly across a range of different devices and operating systems. Find out more about Trello.

8. Otter.ai

Transcribing meetings can be a real pain but it’s made a lot easier with the Otter.ai app which can do everything in real time. That means you can spend more time concentrating on the meeting and less time typing out minutes both on the spot and later. Discover how Otter can help.

9. Parallels Toolbox

If you want all your tools in one place this is a great tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping with everything from presentations to project management. It can also speed up your computer by clearing out the dead wood and duplicate files among other things. Your app can be tailored to your needs and should make life a whole lot easier from now on. Find out about Parallels Toolbox 

10. Ulysses

Writing on a smartphone can be difficult at the best of times. Ulysses is a document management system that syncs across all your devices. People who use the app love its simplicity and the way it improves productivity. Whether you’re writing a report, getting out a blog or starting your memoirs, there’s plenty here that can keep you motivated. Find out more about Ulysses for Mac.