We are a Canadian PR & Social Media Agency that Gets You Noticed

An expert Public Relations (PR) Agency in Canada, that cuts through the noise

Whether the goal is to build brand awareness, or to generate sales, our dedicated PR team has the know-how and expertise to deliver tangible results. Using the power of strategic, integrated communications, we cut through the noise to help businesses tell their stories.

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Brand Storytelling

An expert PR Agency in Canada, taking your businesses to the next level

Our experienced team works closely with brands to understand their market, overcome communications challenges and achieve long-term business goals. We work with start-ups, SMEs and household names to channel their industry expertise into creative, original messages that stand out from the crowd. From property and built environment PR, to retail and third sector PR, we collaborate with clients that share our passion for doing things differently.

PR Agency Canada

Does your business have a story to share?

Does your business have a story to share? Great. Do the right people know it?

With the advent of the 24-hours news cycle, continuously updated websites and shrinking newsrooms, the demand for thoughtful content has never been higher.

Contributed content can supplement editorial coverage and provides the opportunity to raise the profile of your brand and the executive bench. Our team of copywriters and media strategists will work with your organization’s thought leaders and subject matter experts to accurately capture their voice and place by lined articles with key publications.

PR Agency Canada

Media Relations & Social Media

Our approach to media relations is focused on relevance. It is increasingly difficult to stand out in the shrinking media landscape and attract positive attention from the right reporters and journalists.

Having the right message for the right audience through the right media outlets, in the right channel at the right time is crucial.

Our social media experts live and breathe all things social. We create bespoke social media strategies with business goals in mind. We develop and execute creative ideas. We listen to your audiences and serve them the right content, at the right time.

We match your brand with the right influencers and create compelling campaigns with real purpose. We deliver cost-efficient paid advertising campaigns that are measured by performance.

PR Agency Canada

Personal PR

Behind every successful business there are people with fascinating stories which deserve to be told. These are the inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs who have founded businesses, disrupted markets, created jobs and led from the front.  

We have managed and developed the reputations of established CEOs, founders, young entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals. Our media relationships cover national, broadcast and trade media outlets – wherever your voice needs to be heard.Our experience spans all business sectors and we tailor our approach to each individual.We share insights that dovetail with your interests and the news agenda.

Our profiling work delivers real impact and has the power to influence public perception, whilst benefitting your business.We spend time understanding your ideas, ethos, and experiences. Then we align your personal and professional opinions to make compelling stories which reach your audience through our powerful media contacts.We work in a way that is as transparent and ambitious as you are.

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PR Agency Canada

Corporate PR

Corporate communications cannot be left to chance. More now than ever, businesses and their leaders need to speak to stakeholders with skill, authenticity, and clarity.

Our Corporate team will enhance your reputation and standing in the business community and with consumers.We expertly position companies, enact change, raise profile, and enhance credibility.

Our industry-leading team is forward-thinking, proactive, creative, great at communicating, and possess first-class contacts to make ideas become reality.

With extensive experience across B2B and B2C briefs, we advise companies in established sectors as well as those working in new or emerging markets and industries. We work with start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and listed companies.For business leaders, we offer a range of services which include profiling, strategic communications, messaging, LinkedIn and other social media strategies, media training, and positioning. We also provide senior counsel and support for CEOs to steer them through the many challenges they face.

Our press office, social media, and content creation capabilities, including thought leadership campaigns and whitepapers, will shape and promote your thinking and expertise.When change is needed, and serious issues are on the horizon our Campaigns and Public Affairs team can advise on shifts in the political landscape and legislation which could impact your business. Then we expertly navigate them to your advantage. Our full-service approach ensures that our clients are centre stage of the ever-changing business landscape.

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PR Agency Canada

Consumer PR

Brand loyalty comes when customers feel a connection, and we are the very best at creating media campaigns that have authentic stories at their heart allowing our clients to grow a community of loyal customers and brand advocates.

Achieving stand out is never easy, we are all bombarded by hundreds of brand messages each and every day, We are experts at developing integrated strategies that are designed to increase share of voice, amplify brand awareness and connect with the target consumer. The ultimate aim is always to have a positive impact on revenue.

Our services include media relations, product launches, campaigns, events, celebrity and influencer engagement and social media activation and management. We know how to get a brand noticed and have media contacts at the highest level across the print, digital and broadcast landscape.Whether you’re a new consumer brand wanting to break into the market, or an established brand looking for a fresh approach to your PR strategies, great Consumer PR is about understanding an audience, knowing where to find them, and launching a campaign that truly connects.

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Why Choose Us?

We care

We keep growing, but we'll always work like a small studio. Our team takes pride in going an extra-mile for our clients, and we treat your project as if it's our own.

Full-service agency

Having expertise in advertising, copywriting, Public relations (PR), email marketing, and crowdfunding allows us to deliver exceptional results.

We collaborate

We work in close collaboration with your team to deliver exceptional results in a time-efficient manner.

We deliver

We don't believe in boring strategy write-ups. We deliver visual results right from the get-go.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to retain your PR Agency for?

Our public relations retainers only run for the duration of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.

For events our retainers can run 3 months at a time, we require a 2-month minimum lead time prior to the event to really ensure its success.

For brand activations with influencers for a digital marketing campaign, we require a 7 business day lead time. These can be one-shot deals or we can craft a longer-term promotional campaign for your brand or business.

How long will it take for me to begin seeing media placements?

We work to obtain online digital news placements, print magazines, print newspapers, television, partnerships and more. That being said we work fast. Our clients generally begin seeing media placements roll in during the 6th week of working with us within standard public relations retainers. For higher priced services or products it is not abnormal for the process to take a bit longer.

We generally go after low hanging online digital news first and we pitch for large scale print magazines. Print magazines are a different animal and need a three-month calendar lead time due to their early issue closing dates.

Do I have to run a national campaign or can it be local?

We can easily run local public relations campaigns at our agency without issue. State to state or multiple states at a time.

Why should I use PR instead of advertising?

No one tunes into the news to see who's advertising; people switch to news channels and visit news websites because that's how they ensure they're informed, educated, and entertained. Do you regularly turn to any website, TV show, newspaper, or magazine for the advertisements?

Studies show people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and the ROI on public relations leaves advertising's ROI in the dust. People have trained themselves to ignore advertising. For less cost than advertising, PR creates a more credible message.

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